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Hotel Management Software
Powerful IBMS Software for Insurance Brokers & Agents
POS Inventory (Duka Bora).
MedVet Software for Veterinary Clinics
Fixed Assets Accounting

Why Choose Custom Software

Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.


Simply put "one size does not fit all"! You run your business the way you like it. You have your own forms and data that you like to gather. Your personal touch and the way you do things is what differentiates you. So why give this up to fit into a mold that is forced on you.

Most off-the-shelf commercial software offer highly complex products which are mostly underused or not properly applied in clinical practice. You end up paying for a lot of features you do not need or are not exactly the way you want them.

Key benefits of custom made software

  • Increase efficiency, productivity and quality
  • Give your customers a better service
  • Gain an edge over your competitors and differentiate yourself from them.
  • Improve staff morale.
  • Achieve greater transparency through access to information and audit trails.
  • Improve security Controls. Control who has access to what and when.
  • Learn and use the system with ease because it’s built around your own working practices.
  • Get personal precision support. You are not just another helpdesk ticket in a long queue.
  • Interface with your other applications to create a more integrated overall solution.



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