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SS Payroll Processing Software developed by SofTrends. It is Kenyan payroll software that is used by many different organizations. The software incorporates all the features needed to run a payroll that fulfills the requirements of the Kenya Revenue Authority (K.R.A.) as per the Employers Guide to Pay As You Earn document which is issued by K.R.A every year. -

SS Payroll Features SS Payroll

  • Employee profile Information
  • Employee Earnings and deductions entries
  • Loan and Savings
  • Statutory Deduction index Tables
  • Payroll History Records
  • Employee ID Card Tag Print
  • Employee Benefits etc

Key benefits of using SS Payroll Manager :-

  • Improved Tax Data Processing (Income Tax, NHIF, NSSF)
  • Concise forecasting in Payroll and HR
  • Reduced paper work and administration costs
  • Conviniency on staff payment schedules
  • Batch Payroll Processing. A Time Saver
  • Easy reporting



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