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Powerful IBMS Software for Insurance Brokers & Agents
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Insurance Brokerage Manager System(IBMS)

Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.

A Complete Suite Package for Insurance Brokers. IBMS Manager is a powerful software tool for Insurance brokerage agencies that would like to embrace on the cutting edge information system technology. The fully automated system tracks all the insurance brokerage transactions and ensures quick accurate reports activities, policy performance and profitability

By presenting all the information you need in a user friendly format, IBMS Manager allows your users unlimited access to a clients profile with just a click of a button.

IBMS Product Features :-

  • Contact Management (Clients & Insurers)
  • Policy Underwriting Management
  • Risk Notes, Renewal letters etc
  • Claims Management Motor,WIBA, Medical, etc
  • Policy Class Types and Kinds
  • Insurer’s Business Transactions
  • Document Management
  • Client Statements,
  • Commission Statements,
  • Policy Listings,
  • Motor Vehicle Lists,
  • Motor Vehicle Certificates
  • Motor Vehicle Memo Schedule

Key benefits of using IBMS Manager :-

  • Improved brokerage management
  • Better revenue reporting
  • Quick Policy Reviews and Due date reminders
  • Reduced paper work and administration costs
  • Better Policy Cover management
  • Easy and Quick Business Reporting
  • User Perfomance Reporting




  • Outlook Email integration with Clients Contacts
  • SMS integration add-on
  • Web-Based Interface integration
  • Policy Class Definitions and Class Rates
  • Policy Class Types and Kinds
  • Policy Clauses and Limits of Liabilities
  • Risk Notes, Renewal Letter Generations
  • Policy Expiry Reminders
  • Automatic Weekly and Monthly Reminder for Policies due for renewals,
  • Policy Schedule form printing
  • Policy Endorsement
  • Policy Prorating
  • Policy Quotations
  • Multi Currency Policy Filing

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System Requirements

Windows Operating System (Xp Version or Higher)
250 GB Hard Drive or Higher
512MB Memory RAM or Higher
Report Printer
Dot Matrix Certificate printing Printer
Platform Scanner (Optional)
Internet (Optional FTP Online Backup & Web-Based Platform)
GSM Modem(Optional SMS communication)