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Hotel Management Software
Powerful IBMS Software for Insurance Brokers & Agents
POS Inventory (Duka Bora).
MedVet Software for Veterinary Clinics
Fixed Assets Accounting

About Us

Our Slogan: Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.

SofTrends Solutions is a Kenyan based software house that prides itself in custom software business design and development. SofTrends Solutions has been in the IT industry since 2002. The company core business approach is development of custom based software solutions to meet a vast dire need of clients across the world

Cornerstone of our business : Custom Software

Today’s business operations and needs have changed forcing companies and small businesses to opt for business tools that suit to their specific needs. SofTrends Solutions provides flexible end-to-end solutions that assist clients meet their objectives by giving the best services at an affordable fee to realize the highest net value of their investment.
SofTrends Solutions uses a vast of software tools to delivery different desktop and web based software products depending with clients needs. Some of our desktop products are: -

POS inventory, Payroll System, Gas Pumps Systems, PC-Reg, ITS Track Inventory, IMS Home Inventory and many offshore related developments projects. We also design and develop website and web based applications using a light weight MySql database and php tools or other best tools suitable for the project

SofTrends is a two man shop committed in service delivery and a long term relationship with our current clients. One is based in the US who does the software programming and design and the other in Nairobi for technical support and troubleshooting.

Current Consulting Services

AlRazak Electronics (Malindi Kenya)                         POS Inventory
Amani ya Juu (Nairobi Kenya)                                   POS Duka Bora Inventory
RevTrak Inc (MN USA )                                            Software Developer/ Consultant
Valsal Technologies (Apple Valley MN USA)              Software Developer / Consultant
Inventory Solutions (MS USA)                                   Inventory System Software Developer
eSystems IT Development HB(Sweden)                     Software Developer/ Consultant
Sheen Consulting Solutions (Canada)                        Offshore Software developer / Consultant
EsComputers Ltd (West Lands Kenya)                      Software Developer/ Consultant
Barben Company                                                     Tyre Inventory System
Masumali Insurance Brokers                                     Insurance Brokers Manager
Leverage Insurance Brokers                                     Insurance Brokers Manager
Forester Software(Florida)                                         Software Consulting
BlueHut Hotels                                                        Hotel Manager TM
Kids Alive Kenya                                                     SS Payroll
BC & Patel Accountants                                          Tax DeadLine Manager
KPMG Kenya                                                         TaxSoft Software Consultant
SynergyPro Solutions(Canada)                                 Software Consultant


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