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HR Manager

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HR Manager is an extremely easy-to-use, automated HRIS, designed to eliminate the tedious clerical work common to most personnel departments.

With HR Manager you can quickly respond to management, employee, and government requests with accurate and professional computer-generated reports. There are almost 300 Standard Reports included as well as a Custom Report Writer. HR Manager saves you time by placing all your employee information at your finger tips... and not within piles of paper and with it's Built-In E-Mailing capability it makes communicating with employees and supervisors even easier.

The Ideal SystemHR Manager
HR Manager is an ideal Human Resource Information System for organizations with 10 to 1,000 employees. Most of our customers have quickly become proficient in HR Manager because of the simple, straightforward design that makes learning it a breeze. And if you should get stuck there is a comprehensive set of manuals both in printed and PDF format, a built-in Help menu and of course our knowledgeable Tech Support staff is only a phone call away.


HR Manager Features

  • Staff Attendance
  • Full track of Tenancy and tenancy periods.
  • Automated management allocation fees
  • Automated Document Processing (Lease contracts & Renewals).
  • Track of repair work orders, Contractors profiles, Lease expiry notices and remiders
  • Account Integrations to Sage & Quick Books


Key benefits of using HR Master :-

  • Eliminate lots of staff punching
  • Payroll preparion reduction time upto for HR and managers
  • Improved efficiency in attendance review processes
  • Intergration to payroll systems




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