Hotel Management Software

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Hotel Management Software
Powerful IBMS Software for Insurance Brokers & Agents
POS Inventory (Duka Bora).
MedVet Software for Veterinary Clinics
Fixed Assets Accounting

Consultancy at SofTrends

Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.

Outsourcing Services

SofTrends Solutions provides custom programming services both locally and remotely. Our core tool of Rapid Application Development is Clarion. We do also have skills sets of using other technologies depending on the nature of the software project. We offers competitive project based rates or hourly rates at USD 45 per hour. Contact us for a free qoute

Static Html Websites

By utilizing HTML programming to its optimum, We develop eye catching static web pages that most small businesses tend to start with. Using our services, helps your business to "baby walk" its information technology needs and we provided advice and consultations as the business grows

Dynamic Web Applications

To develop your Dynamic HTML Web pages, We use technologies such as ASP .NET, ASP, PHP, XML, JSP, Java, ColdFusion along with databases such as SQL Server, My-SQL and MS Access.

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