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VetMed Manager TM

Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.

VetMed ManagerVetMed is a customized veterinary software will cover all the features required for a veterinary clinics.
Leveraging a robust, scalable, and rapidly customizable medical records platform, VetMed can help you get your clinic  up and running more efficiently

VetMed is a typical desktop client/server system with an additional web portal that can be leveraged for both an online presence for your Clients and remote access for your physicians.

VetMed Manager Features

  • Client Management
  • Pet Registration/Scheduling
  • Pet Charts
  • Clinical Notes, Medical Records
  • Medications, Allergies, Orders,
  • Prescriptions, Lab Results,
  • Consultations/Procedures
  • Results, Discharge Summary
  • Billing & Administration
  • Pet Boarding scheduling Kennels, Cattery
  • Radiology
  • Pet Shop
  • Laboratory
  • Data migration


Key benefits of using VetMed Manager :-

  • Improved property management
  • Better Debt Collections
  • Reduced paper work and administration costs
  • Easy reporting




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